David Hurst

Cherry Hill. New Jersey

Setting up My Internet, Multimedia Speakers and Smart TV

I just rented an apartment in Cherry Hill. I needed internet immediately, but I was also starting a new Job and had no time to wait around for Comcast.  So, I contacted Meritz TeleNet and connected with Craig.  He was there for the Comcast hookup. 

And when the internet and cable TV stopped working the next day, Craig called Comcast, helped them troubleshoot the problem, which turned out to be a wiring issue, which he fixed so I didn't need to set up another appointment.  He saved the day and got my Internet working right away.

I also wanted a new TV.  He went shopping with me, helped me choose a new Smart TV and a multimedia speaker setup.  We got it all home and he hooked it all up, including connecting my Smart TV to the Internet.  He optimized the sound system to my room and then showed me how to make it all work, including all the key Smart features on the TV. 

Dave Heckman

Metropolis Records, Center City Philadelphia

I’ll admit it.  I don’t understand or want to be bothered with understanding technology.  I just want it to work.  I depend upon my computer for my business and my old computer was starting to go.  I needed something new and I needed it quickly.

I contacted Craig Meritz at Meritz TeleNet and he took care of everything for me.  He helped me pick out a great computer for my needs.  He migrated all my data to the new PC, installed all my software and set up my email, all pretty quickly.  He also set up a Cloud-based data backup and a list of all my key info and passwords so if my computer is stolen, or I get hit with Ransomware, I can quickly recreate my computer and be back at work in no time.

Howard Neifeld

Port Richmond, Philadelphia

I am a fine artist and educator.  Like so many people, I had a computer for email and surfing the web.  But it was getting old and I needed an upgrade.  I also wanted a computer to create art that was more complex than the simple paint program I was using.  I wanted a machine that would support Photoshop.

So, I called on Craig from Meritz TeleNet.  He’s helped in the past, setting up my wireless internet and has been available for any troubleshooting I’ve needed.  He also showed me how to store photos of my artwork on my PC and how to back them up.

Craig explained that I would need a more powerful computer to install Photoshop.  He got a computer for me at a good price and helped me set up the Photoshop program.  He also migrated all my data, set up all my software, and made sure everything was working correctly.  Now I can create more exciting and sophisticated artworks using my computer. Thank You, Craig.

Keith Tessler

Chief Operations Officer of American Wedding Group

Craig is a diligent and caring partner.  He is always happy to take extra time to explain things when necessary and he will dig in and work tirelessly to solve a problem.  We feel secure having Craig as our telecommunications partner.

Joe Pizzola

IT Security Analyst II at TMNA Services, LLC.

Meritz TeleNet is a company that provides fast and reliable quality support. I am proud to say that I have worked for them. They exceed the standards of service that most IT companies provide and will do whatever it takes to succeed on any given job. Meritz TeleNet's team is creative, accommodating, and is strongly dedicated to providing their customers with professional high-level service for a true return on investment. 

Working at Meritz TeleNet was an incredible experience. Craig provided me every tool necessary to excel in the IT industry. He is eager to teach and guide. Without his help, I would not be where I am today.

I highly recommend Craig and Meritz TeleNet to anyone  who is looking for exemplary IT service and support. At Meritz TeleNet, the experienced consultants don’t just understand technology, they understand businesses and strive to support all they work with.